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The Natatorium offers approximately 30 group fitness classes each week in the water.  Classes range from low intensity to high intensity. Stop by and watch a class, or better yet, join in and give it a try!  Our certified instructors can also help you determine which classes would be a good fit for you, depending on your goals and abilities. Just ask!

aquatics classes

Aquatic Class Descriptions & Schedules

 Questions or inquiries on the Aquatics Fitness Classes, call Kathy Burt at 330-971-8398
Water Fitness Schedule pdf    
Range of Motion     A 50 minute class of low intensity workout.  Held in the 90 degree Therapy pool.  Focus is on range of motion.  Equipment provided.  Certified instructors.  Beginners welcome.
Shallow Water Fitness     A 50 minute class of medium-high intensity.  Water temp is 83 degrees.  Upper and lower body workout.  Format is warm up, cardio, cool down stretch.  Equipment provided. Certified instructors
Deep Water Fitness     A 50 minute class in a 12 ft deep pool using buoyancy belts.  Medium-high intensity workout.  Pool is 83 degrees.  More advanced students welcome.  Equipment and belts provided.  Focus is on cardio.  Certified instructors.
Current Channel Fitness   youtube video image A 50 minute class in the current channel.  Water temp is 83 degrees.  Medium-high intensity work out of upper and lower body.  Designed to improve endurance and stamina.  Water shoes recommended.  Equipment provided.  Certified instructors.
Hydro-Pilates   youtube video image  A 50 minute class that focuses on core strength, flexibility, stretching and balance.  Water temp is 83 degrees.  Water is chest deep. Medium intensity.  Equipment provided.  Certified instructors.

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