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Update! The Natatorium recently purchased the final two pieces to add to the brand new state of the art, TechnoGym Fitness Circuit.  Stop by the upper fitness floor and give this 10 piece selectorized circuit a try!  Perfect 25 minute workout alternating between equipment and cardio for a person on the go.


NEW! Check out the new equipment coming late 2018!  New treadmills, ellipticals, AMT's, and Jacob's Ladder on the upper fitness cardio floor.  Downstairs will feature new Life Fitness Adductor/Abductor combo and Calf Extension; Hammer Strength Abdomincal Oblique Crunch and Marpo Rope Machine.  Investing in you!


ANNUAL TRI: We are sold out!  Check out the promotional page for athlete/participant instructions and information.




Retrain Yourself to Stick to Your Resolutions

     We’re coming up to the New Year, and what’s more traditional than making those New Year’s resolutions? For most of us, our resolutions involve weight loss or getting regular exercise. Unfortunately also for most of us, those resolutions are usually pretty much blown by the end of January. Why? Why is it so easy to break a resolution when we start out with such conviction? Part of the reason is because we bring our same old thoughts and attitudes to our new resolutions. What we need to do is retrain ourselves to think differently about achieving our goals.



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