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Shower Floor Repairs

We have the contractor lined up to complete the necessary work.  They will work in the women's LR first each morning and men's each afternoon as scheduled below.  Signage will be posted.

Both locker rooms will be closed at this time as the work will be noisy and dusty.  
  Women's Men's
Tuesday 24th 8am-12 noon 11am-4pm
Wed 25th 8am-12 noon 11am-4pm
Thus OFF    
Friday 27th 8am-12 noon 11am-4pm
Sat 28th 8am-12 noon 11am-4pm
Sun 29th  8am-12 noon 11am-4pm

Please note: Men's and Women's Main Locker Room Showers are unavailable at this time.  10/22/2020

Basketball shoot around play and pickleball are back online Ocotober 15, 2020.  See schedule on gymnasium page.

Please review the Natatorium Phases and Mask Policy page for all details with covid related reopening procedures.





Your Brain on Yoga

        For years, scientists have shown the benefits of aerobic exercise on the brain because ofthe growth of new neurons. With the continuing growth of yoga in popularity, the question becomes, does yoga have the same benefits on the brain as aerobic exercise? If you are a yoga lover, you’ll be glad to hear that the answer is yes.



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